‘Healthy Lifestyles Australia’ provides Dietitian, Diabetes Education and Exercise Physiology services throughout Queensland.

Healthy Lifestyles Australia Mission:

“Promoting healthy lifestyles in the Australian
population to prevent and manage chronic disease
through physical activity and nutrition.”

Welcome to Healthy Lifestyles Australia

Reception Phone:- 0432 468 548

Fax:- (07) 3053 8133


The Team:- Brady Schulz, Molly Amiss, Lili Sopher, Calley Newman, Rachel Collins, Kelsie Tolcher, Caitlyn Henderson, Ellen Turvey, Emily Beddow, Sharon Wilson, Kailey Henry, Kate Foran, Christina Zappala, Robyn McArthur, Matthew Miller, Katja Harrell, Carrie Lowien, Jean Hoare, Dee Robinson, Krystle Vogler, Cassandra Salisbury